Vitamin C is a bit of a rarity among teen pop sensations- she can sing. Equally rare is Mattel’s decision to create a doll based on her- before the Spice Girls dolls became a huge hit for rival Hasbro, the company seemed to avoid dolls of this kind, at least in the US market. But in the last month Mattel has shipped this gorgeous likeness as well as two more dolls based on singer/actor/model Brandy. This doll is truly stunning, and with her head turning neon yellow hair and equally dramatic hairpieces, she adds a certain touch of drama to the doll shelf.

The Doll

Obviously, the first thing you tend to notice about this doll is her hair. The bright lemon yellow color is the same shocking color as the real life Vitamin C, styled straight with a slightly left of center part. Her hair is a great deal longer than the real person, coming almost to her waist, but it’s nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix. Blue eyes are accented by detailed brows and the slightest hint of brown eye shadow. Her lips are a very pale mauve and are full without being pouty. Her nose is a very good sculpt- slightly broadened without appearing overly large. Something about her face paint gives her a slightly ‘intense’ look. All in all, a very nice job!

Interestingly enough, this doll hit the stores the same week as the long awaited Jewel Girl, and they feature the same molds- but in Vitamin C’s case, the torso is solid, with no motion at all. However, she does have the same new slightly swiveling leg joint and more naturally arched foot. Fortunately, she can still wear the old shoe molds, and the newer ones as well. The arms are the lovely ballerina arms, with the gracefully separating fingers and visible fingernails. The torso, of course, is the most exciting part. It is very well detailed, and for the most part is far more realistic looking than any previous Mattel sculpts. My only real complaint is with her lower back- it arches in to an enormous degree- but when the doll is dressed it’s not really noticeable.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A
Body: A+
Hair: A+
Overall: A

The Outfit

I suspect this outfit is taken directly from an original stage outfit, although I can’t say for certain. At any rate, the wild mix of colors and patterns seen here is certainly stage ready. The silver foil pants are backed with a purple knit, and detailed with rainbow colored stitching. The flared ankles are open on the outside seam. The cropped top is made of a slinky knit with a tie-dye pattern in pinks and purples, and trimmed in a stiffly pleated gold lame. The coat also features a tie-dye pattern, but on a larger scale and in bright primary and secondary colors. It is partially lined in purple satin. The side seams of both coat and lining feature openings of about a quarter inch to allow a twist tie to pass through while in the box. The final touch is provided by the pearlized orange platform sandals.

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: A
Style: A-
Execution: B-
Overall: A-

The Accessories

The main accessories are, of course, the fabulous hairpieces in bright orange, lavender, and crimson. The hairpieces are reasonably well done- each features a sewn in part, so they look natural whether used on one side of the doll or on both- but all are more than an inch longer than the doll’s own hair. They are also attached by velcro, which snags the hair well enough but has a tendency to shift positions as well as to tangle the hair. She also comes with a crimson microphone and pale pink transparent sunglasses. The obligatory brush is orange.

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: A
Style: A
Playability: A+
Overall: A

The Result

This doll positively shines when modeling the belly baring fashions! On the left, she’s pictured wearing pieces from the Funtime Slumbers Fashion Avenue; on the right, she’s wearing a selection from the Tropical Trip Fashion Avenue.

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