About Doll Liberations

Way back in 1999, I started these reviews with a scanner, some snark, and a manifesto:

There’s nothing sadder than a doll ‘collection’ filled with boxes. Even if you ignore the fact that those pristine boxes are coating the dolls within with acid and slowly destroying them, the true beauty and quality of a doll can only be appreciated when loose. Inside these pages you can see the good, the bad, and the downright weird things about the dolls I’ve deboxed. So come take a look, and remember- it’s what’s inside that counts.

-The younger Lady Bast

In the beginning, I taught myself the most basic html from online tutorials and laid the dolls directly on my scanner to get the images. I managed a year of mostly weekly updates before life got in the way- a total of 54 reviews. I’ve added reviews since then on a much more sporadic basis, moved web hosts and servers more times than I’d like, but the site is still here, and so am I.

Nowadays, I use my phone to get pictures that put my old scanner shots to shame, but I still have the snark, and I still get a thrill when I pull a new doll out of the box. I continue to hate low quality velcro, bad doll stands, and box damage, and I still love sharing my deboxing adventures with other collectors.

About Me

I have been collecting and deboxing dolls since 1991. While my collecting habits continue to change and evolve, I’m still drawn to the beautiful as well as the weird, the whimsical, and the just plain silly. I hope you enjoy your visit!