Ever since Skipper was promoted to “Teen,” Mattel has done a fabulous job of giving her and her friends fun themes for their annual dolls. This year, the theme is sleepovers, an idea that brings to mind late nights and giggling teenage girls, which fits right in with the Teen Skipper crowd. Pajama Fun Courtney is my personal favorite of the bunch, with her red hair and fair skin. With her cute little PJ set and butterfly encrusted terrycloth robe, she’s ready to gossip until dawn… assuming Mom and Dad can stand it that long.

The Doll

Courtney looks authentically young with her light red hair bound up in two puppy ears. Her hair is rooted with two parts: the first running diagonally from the front left to the center of her head, and then a second line running straight back from the center. Her skin is the light pink tone. Her eyes are done green with light blue sparkles. Some smart aleck at Mattel decided to edge her eyes with red, which gives her a suspicious “up all night” look. Her lips and blush are done in red. She has no earrings.

Courtney sports the standard Teen Skipper body, with its thin hips and slightly more prominent chest. She has a hot pink ring in her right hand.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A-
Body: B
Hair: A
Overall: A-

The Outfit

This is a darling outfit. Courtney’s pajamas consist of a boxer and t-shirt combo in light green, with a butterfly emblem on the top. Her robe is yellow terrycloth, edged in a light green polka dotted print. The robe is decorated with butterfly cutouts of various fabrics. A multicolored ribbon tie ending in felt butterflies provides the finishing touch for the robe. Her slippers are green and yellow terrycloth, and fit very nicely, a real accomplishment.

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: A
Style: A
Execution: A
Overall: A

The Accessories

Everything a teen needs for a successful sleepover is included here. The sleeping bag/shoulder bag combination is cleverly done: the bulk of the sleeping bag is a shiny pink satin that becomes the lining for the shoulder bag. The inflatable green pillow is a reflection of the current attempt by trendsetting magazines to convince the young and inexperienced that things that must be inflated can actually be substituted for real furniture. The “Magic Date Ball,” which comes close to the edge of copyright violation for the name of the toy it is ripping off, is a cute touch, filled with lots of feel-good messages. Three glow in the dark hair toys and the ever present brush are also included.

The Accessories
Concept: A
Style: B+
Playability: A
Overall: A

The Result

It’s spring break, and Courtney is skipping the beach this year to go hiking. This cute outfit is one of Barbie’s new Jeans Fashions, and fits the Teen Skipper quite nicely. The light t-shirt and cut off shorts are perfect for the mountains, although Courtney did decide to bring her jacket along just in case it gets chilly.

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