Takara Japan’s lovely and perky Jenny dolls have been coveted by collectors worldwide since the ’80s, when they had obtained a license to produce Mattel’s Barbie character for the Japanese market. Thankfully, when Mattel terminated the license to the Barbie name Takara renamed the doll Jenny and continued their wonderful line of dolls, fashions, and play sets. This particular doll is from the Super Model Club line, which featured trendy fashions and a superbly poseable body. Jenny dolls can be hard to find in the US, especially at reasonable prices. but as more and more people succumb to the incredible quality and style of these dolls, supplies are increasing, knocking the costs down. Edit: Takara Tomy seems to have retired Jenny except for the occasional special issue, in favor of the slightly smaller and younger looking Licca doll.

The Doll

I have to admit that I’m unsure of the proper names for the various Jenny face molds, but this mold appears to be identical to the Jenny dolls I own. Naomi has medium brown hair with a few soft highlights of light brown. Her round eyes are brown with spots of green, giving a lovely hazel effect. Her eyes are cleverly accented with eyelashes painted in purple and traces of pink shadow. Her lips are done in pale bronze. The finishing touch is added by her removable gold ball earrings.

This is a great body, even more flexible than the Mattel bend and move body. Naomi has joints at her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles! The joints at wrists, knees and ankles are limited to up and down movement, but all other joints have a wide range of motion. This doll can be posed in just about any position imaginable! The body sculpts are wonderfully done- she has a delicate collarbone and accurate shoulder blades. Her figure is a bit smaller than Teen Skipper’s. With the aid of her ankle joint, Naomi can wear Barbie’s flats and low heels and some of Teen Skipper’s shoes.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A
Body: A+
Overall: A+

The Outfit

This Prohibition-era inspired suit is amazing! The quality of workmanship is extremely impressive. Not only are the stripes for the blazer and slacks going the proper direction, a single white stripe has been carefully centered on the belt and waistband. The striped fabric is a high quality cotton. The blouse and blazer trim is made of a butterscotch satin, and the zebra-print ‘tie’ is made of ‘suede’. The patterns were carefully scaled so as not to overwhelm the doll. The outfit is finished off with black stretch socks, cute black heeled loafers, and white stretch panties (not pictured). My only complaint is that neither the belt not the tie is removable.

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: A+
Style: A+
Execution: A
Overall: A+

The Accessories

Unfortunately, there isn’t much here in the way of accessories. Naomi has a black ‘leather’ shoulder bag and a nice stand, which bears the interesting English logo ‘Fashion & Scenery.’ I suspect this must be one of those concepts that doesn’t translate well. The stand is similar to vintage Barbie stands, it supports the doll beneath her arms. This works especially well for this doll, as it doesn’t limit the poses in any way.

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: B-
Style: B
Playability: A
Overall: B+

The Result

This is a tagged Barbie dress that I acquired at a garage sale, so I’m uncertain of its lineage. The belt is from the BMR Lime Time accessory pack. The shoes are Barbie white high tops.

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