The new Precarious line of Tonner dolls uses a new face sculpt and the popular Antoinette body first introduced in 2009. Although I’m a big Tonner fan, this is my first doll with this body (which Precarious also shares with the Cami & Jon line, among others). For size comparison purposes, she is pictured below along with a Wilde Imagination Ellowyne and a Tonner original body Tyler. The Antoinette body is much leaner overall than either of the other bodies, with a high and sharply defined waist and smaller bust. However, her rear is noticeably larger! Poseability wise, this body has a lot to offer, with a wide range of motion for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, and knee joints! There are additional joints with more limited movement at the under bust and ankle. The knee and elbow joints also have a more natural look to them (from the front and back at least) which is nice if you’re redressing her with bare legs. She has the very popular Cameo skin tone.

The Precarious face mold has a lot of versatility to it. With small eyes and a soft, almost knowing smile, she can look mysterious, sexy, or innocent depending on how she is styled. Her platinum blonde saran wig is removable, and much longer and curlier than pictured in the publicity photos. She did arrive with the wig styled so that part of the wig cap showed, but that was easily fixed. Her head has two velcro spots at the top and back for attaching her wig firmly in place. Her eyes are described on the Tonner page as blue, but they look more like a soft grey with applied upper eyelashes and painted lower lashes, and very delicate eye shadow. As seen in the photo below, this doll’s left eyelash was applied with a bit of a droop, which I will have to gently fix later. She has coral lips and nails, with very light blush.

This is a basic doll designed for redressing, so she didn’t come with much in the way of clothing. The pale pink body suit with black lace overlay is very cute. The straps were a little loose, which gave it the look of being about to slip off although it was in fact securely in position. Two pairs of tights are included, described on the Tonner page as nude and black, but the second pair is actually a luminous gold which gives a great shimmery effect when worn under the black pair as seen in the top most photo. The shoes are cleverly done black elastic straps that wrap around the ankle and stay securely in place, with clear platform bottoms. She comes with a saddle stand which holds her securely.

Probably my favorite thing about this doll is how well she redresses! Here she is wearing an Evangeline Ghastly wig, which is too large for her in the back of the head but is nicely disguised by the long flowing curls. On the left she is wearing pieces designed for Ellowyne. The fit is a little large at the waist, but it drapes beautifully. She is also able to wear Ellowyne’s shoes as shown. On the right she wears a Tyler gown. The fit is very loose in the shoulders and waist, causing it to go from a wide neckline to an off the shoulder silhouette, but it stayed securely in place at that level. She cannot share shoes with Tyler, but her own shoes go nicely enough with the dress.

If you are looking for a wigged Precarious doll with lots of redressing possibilities, this would be the doll I’d recommend. Her eye shadow in particular is far less pronounced than in most of the dolls in this line, and as expected with a Tonner doll, the quality is quite high.

Face: A
Body: A
Hair: A
Fabric: A
Style: A-
Execution: A-
Overall: A

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