Tangerine Twist was the first doll in the “Fashion Savvy Collection” which focuses on stylish city fashions for the African-American doll. Designed by Kitty Black Perkins (the creative force behind the now-defunct Shani line), this doll boasts a great outfit, cool accessories, and fabulous attention to detail. A second doll, Uptown Chic, followed soon after. As far as I know, no further dolls are planned, but the fabulous style on these dolls makes them a must on my list.

The Doll

Tangerine Twist uses the Nichelle face, originally designed for the Shani line. Her big brown eyes are almond shaped with just a hint of a slant on the outside corner. She has rooted lashes, a great feature, that are shorter and more natural looking than those on many collector issue dolls. Her eye shadow is pale lavender accented with a dramatic line of plum. Her big lips are pale mauve outlined in the same plum color. Her black hair is very straight and sleek, and goes only down to mid back. She has a center part and short, thick bangs. They didn’t scan too well, but her earrings are large rhinestones. Too cool!

Now, the ugly: in addition to sewing her hair to the box, they glued it down! Check out the snarl that resulted!

This is the full Shani body, not just the popular arms! The neck is slightly longer than the standard body, the chest is smaller and higher, and the waist has a slight angle to it! The vinyl is a dark cocoa color, very attractive. This body style hasn’t been used much since the Shani line was cancelled, so I was glad to see it return.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A
Body: A+
Hair: A
Overall: A

The Outfit

I totally adore this outfit. The bright orange satin jacket and skirt are both fully lined and fasten with snaps, no velcro anywhere. The jacket has a stylish leopard-print collar and big rhinestone ‘buttons’. The tailoring on this outfit is excellent- it really fits the doll well. The shoes are a great example of the fabulous attention to detail of this outfit: they are the exact color of orange, and have painted black laces with a black ribbon bow!

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: B
Style: A
Execution: A
Overall: A-

The Accessories

There aren’t a lot of accessories here, but the ones they did are fabulous. First we have a pair of matching orange pantyhose. Next we have a great pair of short black gloves. Adding to the glamour of the ensemble are the faux leather purse with bead clasp and the gorgeous leopard print hat with rhinestone accents and real feathers! Also included is the ubiquitous crotch rocket stand, but interestingly enough, no hairbrush.

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: A
Style: A
Playability: n/a
Overall: B

The Result

The yellow and gold dress with the daring cut is an original Shani line fashion. Tangerine Twist’s suit is worn by Sun Jewel Shani, the only time Shani has appeared as an official ‘friend of Barbie.’ Her orange lips match the suit perfectly!

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