The City Seasons line has been one of the best of Mattel’s attempts to appeal to the adult collector. Each doll was designed with a gorgeous, realistic seasonal themed outfit. Unfortunately, Mattel decided to end the line with Winter in Montreal, the seventh doll and the second winter themed outfit. As usual for this line, Barbie looks fabulous and very adult in her chic outfit of a warm red wool. With Jill Barad, the former Mattel CEO, forced to resign earlier this month, the entire Barbie Collectibles line is expected to undergo major changes. What will they do for an encore?

The Doll

Winter in Montreal Barbie has black hair styled in a sleek pageboy. As the before and after pictures show, the cut is just as sleek and twice as fluffy after brushing out the several tons of hair spray used to style the hair initially. Barbie has shapely cornflower blue eyes and matching shadow. Her thin eyebrows are medium brown and bright red lips. The final touch is added by her tiny gold button earrings.

Barbie has the classic body with Shani arms, and two weak clicks in her legs. She also has the abhorred patterned rear end used when Mattel feels panties are necessary but is unwilling to pay for fabric underwear. The plastic is the lovely pale pink tone.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A
Body: B
Hair: A+++
Overall: A

The Outfit

This outfit is typical of the high quality and fabulous attention to detail of the City Seasons line. The red wool is high quality with a Barbie size weave. The jacket is fully lined with red satin and black fringe trim. The skirt is unlined and accented with a black patent leather belt with gold buckle. The sleeveless blouse is one of the best tailored pieces of clothing I’ve seen from Mattel in this decade. It is also fully lined in a sheer white and accented with five tiny gold buttons. There is also a fabulous oversized hat done in a thick leopard print plush. The final details are black pantyhose and soft black ankle boots.

The Outfit
Fabric: A+
Style: A
Execution: A+
Overall: A+

The Accessories

The accessories here are few, but of exceptionally high quality. The muffler is made of matching leopard plush to the hat, has a lovely ribbon wrist strap, and is fully lined. The short black gloves are made of stretch satin and fit extremely well. The included stand has a lovely black pedestal base and a clear rocket stand.

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: B
Style: A
Playability: n/a
Overall: A-

The Result

Barbie is perfectly set for a cool spring day in Montreal in this striped set. This outfit is one of the new series of Trend City fashions. The lime stockings and gold and green glasses are from the Barbie Millicent Roberts “Lime Time” accessory set.

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