JAKKS Pacific is taking the doll world by storm with their two new lines: Elle (15 inch dolls) and G.I.R.L. Force (11.5 inches). G.I.R.L. Force dolls feature an impressive amount of poseability using a soft “skin” over an internal framework (similar to the Jewel Girl Barbie, only much more so). The amount of detail they have achieved on these dolls is downright amazing, and the dolls and outfits have a fun, up-to-the-second hipness about them. Jakks has also gained the rights to do dolls for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie… including Lucy Liu!

The Doll

Creanna has a strong face that features a squarer jaw than we normally see on fashion dolls. One side of her boldly garnet painted lips is molded upward in a mischievous smile. Her eyes are pale ice blue accentuated with wide sweeps of lavender shadow. She wears soft pink blusher and red button earrings. Her platinum blonde hair is nicely rooted in a center part, but under her pigtails there are very few hair plugs, making it difficult to style her hair any other way.

Considering the softness of this doll’s pale pink “skin” I am amazed how much detail they managed to mold into it. Fingernails, ribs, shoulder blades, ankles… any detail that might show up on a real person is recreated here. The “skin” is anchored by the solid white “panties”. She has joints at shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, and knees. The “skin” material does not always look natural when bent, particularly at the hips, but when the doll is dressed this becomes unnoticeable. Due to the fragile nature of the “skin,” I would not recommend this doll for younger children, but she should be fine for older children and (of course!) the collectors.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A
Body: A+
Hair: C+
Overall: A-

The Outfit

Creanna wears a typical teenage mix of styles and patterns here. Her black vinyl pants are low waisted and trimmed with red ribbon which matches the trim on her snake-print halter top. Her high heeled strappy sandals are dark brown. To top off her outfit, she comes with a full length coat of fake leopard fur that is partly lined in an iridescent orange material, and a matching hat. All pieces are nicely sewn and fitted.

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: A-
Style: A
Execution: A
Overall: A

The Accessories

The accessories here are fairly basic: a brown snakeskin shoulder bag, a hanger, and a doll stand. The doll stand is a calf grabber, which I wouldn’t recommend using with this doll as it might leave permanent impressions is the soft “skin.”

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: B-
Style: B
Playability: C+
Overall: B-

The Result

It was tough finding something to redress this girl in… her body sculpt is just enough different from most other 11.5 inch fashion dolls to make their clothing unworkable. However, while I was searching for something appropriate, Creanna and Pizzazz (from the Jem line) were comparing fashion notes. They hit it off so well, in fact, that Pizzazz agreed to let Creanna borrow one of her favorite outfits for her redressing shot. Now I just have to hope Pizzazz won’t be a bad influence on her…

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