Spring in Tokyo is from Mattel’s popular line of City Seasons dolls. Each doll is dressed in a high fashion outfit reflecting the climate and styles of a particular major city. This particular doll is extremely sophisticated, and the suit is perhaps the most adult outfit Mattel has produced in the modern doll era. I have to admit, I couldn’t resist the hat- big, glamorous, with a frothy veil, it sets the tone for the entire outfit and recalls a time not too long ago when women weren’t fully dressed without a hat.

The Doll

This doll utilizes the Mackie face mold. The doll is given an Asian look with slightly angled eyes, although they’re bright blue instead of a more appropriate brown. She wears cream eye shadow with just a hint of brown in the outside corners. Her eyebrows are a deep brown, and her lips are a rich pink color. Her skin is the porcelain pale tone Mattel has been so fond of this year. Her hair is black, and done in a very glamorous style. She has a thick fringe of bangs that becomes wispy at the bottom. The rest of her hair is pulled back to the base of her skull, where it is self-banded and then curled tightly. The very severeness of this style does wonders for the overall sophisticated look of the doll. Her earrings are simple pearl studs.

Barbie utilizes the standard body with Shani arms here. Her ring is a simple gold bead.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A+
Body: B
Hair: A+
Overall: A

The Outfit

I adore this suit. Someone went to a lot of trouble to design something so mature and yet so alluring. The suit is done in a lovely ivory raw-silk style fabric. It is edged throughout with textured navy ribbon and thick ivory fringes. The front closure is accented with gold buttons and a ribbon bow. Everything closes with snaps. The middle snap was a bit difficult to fasten, as the outfit is a little tight around the *ahem* upper torso. The shoes are the elaborate t-strap style in ivory with navy accents. Then, of course, there’s the hat. A tightly woven navy boat hat. It is accented with more textured ribbon tied in a bow in the back, and has a matching navy veil that hangs over the brim an even inch from all sides.

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: A
Style: A+
Execution: B
Overall: A-

The Accessories

There aren’t very many accessories here, but those that are present are impressive. An exquisitely crafted two tier necklace of pearls and gold bugle beads on a golden chain makes a great finishing touch. A lovely navy satin purse with a gold chain and gold ‘button’ fastening is perfect for sliding in those little essentials for when you’re out shopping. The final touch is an ivory pedestal base, emblazoned with the Barbie Collectibles logo. If you look carefully in the above picture you can make out the clear plastic crotch rocket for the base.

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: A
Style: A
Playability: n/a
Overall: A

The Result

The latest release of Fashion Avenues is starting to ship, and each outfit comes with a name this time around. Spring in Tokyo is modeling ‘Breakfast in Bed’, which comes with a box of ‘Godiva chocolates’. The gold foil did not scan particularly well, but the box top is actually emblazoned with the Godiva logo. I can’t seem to think of this outfit as a nightgown, though… it looks more like the sort of outfit a woman of “a certain age” might wear to a fashionable spring event. Regardless of that digression, the medium blue skirt does wonders for bringing out the color in her eyes.

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