I have to admit it… even though you can’t take her outfit off without ruining it, I love this doll. She pushes all my buttons: the unique face paint, the rich blues and greens, and of course, the over-the-top gown.

The Peacock has a truly unique facial painting style that makes her a must in my book. Her lips are a fabulous red rose color. Her eyes are bright blue, and are done with a slight slant to them that gives her a mysterious and exotic demeanor. Her eyes are further accented with unusually long painted eyelashes and dramatic sweeps of smoky shadow. Her hair is a rich honey blonde swept up into a serious of curles and secured with a blue satin headband. Her earrings are gold with blue and green ‘jewels’ that repeat the peacock feather motif.

The gown itself is very dramtic. The sheath style skirt is midnight blue velvet. The bodice is royal blue satin, accented with teal green satin trim and a large ‘jeweled’ applique. The overskirt is of the same royal blue satin, fully lined in the teal satin. The five dramatic peacock feathers are backed by golden lace and secured in place by a large double bow of blue satin. The outfit is finished off by teal fingerless gloves and midnight blue spikes. She comes with her own stand, which unfortunately is a pale blue that does not add anything to the ensemble.

Concept: A+
Doll: A
Gown: B- (with one and a half grade penalty for sewn on status)
Overall: B+

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