The ‘Barbie Millicent Roberts’ line was a Mattel attempt to separate the adult collector from their money. Envisioned as a line of high end dolls with classy clothing and lots of accessories, plus additional clothing and accessory packs at a hefty $20 a package, it always seemed to have great potential that it never managed to quite live up to. The line seems to have disappeared for the moment, but never fear… Mattel almost never abandons an idea forever.

The Doll

Perfectly Suited uses the Superstar face mold. She has soft pink lips and big lavender eyes. Her long, deep red hair is pulled back away from her face. She has very small silver stud earrings, The combination of pastel makeup and dark hair gives her a very dramatic look.

There is nothing really exciting about the body here. It’s the basic Shani body with three leg clicks and patterned rear (although not in white, thank goodness). Her skin tone is a somewhat deeper than the current pale color, although without being unnaturally orange-toned.

Doll Scorecard
Face: A-
Body: A-
Hair: A-
Overall: A-

The Outfit

The basic pieces to the suit are really nicely done. Darts and snaps abound, not a piece of velcro in sight. Instead, we have lavender satin, cute little black buttons, and pockets. The idea here is that you can switch the blouse and pantyhose and have two different looks, one for the office and one for a date. The office accessories are a black bodysuit and matching hose, while the date accessories are a lame tank top and white lacey thigh-highs and panties. Hmm… I don’t know about you, but if I wore black seamed stockings to the office, I’d never hear the end of it. I can’t imagine wearing a pastel suit on a date, either.

Outfit Scorecard
Fabric: A-
Style: A-
Execution: A
Overall: A-

The Accessories

Oh, I love all these little accessories. Mattel has put in loads of accessories for both the day and the night look. To start with, you get two pairs of spike heels: black and lavender. Then there are two sets of jewelry: a matching silver bead necklace and bracelet set for the office and a really adorable twisted choker of lavender glass beads for night. To compliment Barbie’s image as a really busy working woman, there is a black ‘patent’ briefcase (which doesn’t open) and a fabulous day planner, which not only opens, but has blank sheets of paper inside! For evening Barbie has a quilted purse with a strap of glass beads that match her necklace and closes with a snap, and is just big enough for her portable phone (no busy executive can be without one). There’s also a cute little hanger that serves no real purpose besides to make me think about the hangers that came with vintage outfits and, of course, the crotch rocket stand. One major disappointment: when I went to close the lavender necklace after doing this page up, the clasp slipped right off the necklace!

Accessories Scorecard
Concept: A+
Style: A
Playability: A
Overall: A

The Result

With skin this ruddy, pastels just did not work. This is one of the new ‘Trend City’ Fashion Avenue outfits. The funky purple ‘fur’ and great stripes just seemed to speak to this doll. I have no idea why I like this particular combination so much, but I do.

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